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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Madeup Cakes

Made Up Pancakes!

My son just loves pancakes, the sugar free ones :)

I made these up by experimenting in the kitchen .... just throwing things together in a bowl and they came out lovely.

I like to use organic ingredients as much as I can, as it is healthier.

Ingredients ~

One cup of organic spelt flour.

One cup of orgainc oats.

Half cup of wheat germ.

Quarter cup of organic Cocoa.

Quarter cup of coconut bits and sesame seeds.

Two organic eggs.

Pour in the milk on top of the eggs and dry ingredients in the bowl ... I like to use organic almond milk ... stir while you pour until you get the right consistency ... not too thick and not too watery .... you will know : )

Shallow fry them in olive oil ... until nice and brown on both sides.

Here is the finished result .... they actually taste nicer than they look! lol