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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Forever Bee Propolis

When we think of bees, honey and pollen are 
foremost in our thoughts. Yet another important 
substance, propolis, is a sticky resin collected 
by bees.

Honeybees collect and metabolize the 
propolis, then line their hives with it to protect 
the hive. It’s so effective, the interior of the bee 
hive is said to be safer than most operating rooms. 

The name Propolis is derived from the Greek 

meaning, ‘before the city’, signifying that propolis 
defended the entire community from external 

Propolis has a 5000-year old history. The 
Assyrians and the Greeks used propolis to help 
maintain good health. Fortified with royal jelly, 
Forever Bee Propolis is an excellent way to help 
support the body’s natural defenses. 

Forever Bee Propolis is gathered from pollutionfree, high desert regions. To further assure purity, specially-designed bee propolis collectors are used. 

Forever Bee Propolis is 100% natural with no 
added preservatives or artificial colors. It is also 
an excellent natural food form, providing a wide 
array of useful trace elements. 

Natural immune support
Fortified with Royal Jelly
Contains many trace elements