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Saturday, February 16, 2013

"Home Made Toothpaste"

It is mid-term break from school and my Son Brian said to me lets make something .... I said "ok" while we were dancing around the sitting room to freak out! lalala : )

 SO  we decided to make "Home Made Toothpaste"!

So we put equal mounts of Coconut Oil and Baking Soda and mixed it all together and then added 5 or more drops of Tea Tree Oil and mixed again .... scooped it all up into a clean jar. It's great and no need to store in a fridge.

Here is a picture of the finished Product ~

The amazing thing is since I have been using this toothpaste, my gums have stopped bleeding ... something that the shop bought toothpaste could not do ..... so I am never buying toothpaste again ... because the Home made stuff is awesome!!! : )
Me and my Son Brian had a great time and lots of fun making this .... more nice memories :)

My next project is to make "Home Made Deodorant" ... will keep You updated ... Watch this Space! : ))