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Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Smooth Country Move!

We have just moved to the country surrounded by forest and hills and all day long I can only hear the birds singing .... such a change from the city. I love it here tho... it is so peacful. Here's a wee peek ~

Yesterday was the first day that we had any healthy food in weeks ... as we had no working kitchen in the house, so we were eating microwave food ... it is better than having no food and I am grateful as food is food but you just can't beat healthy clean eating. Anyway the kitchen is nearly finished and I got a smoothie maker.

I chopped up cucumber, ginger, beetroot and added strawberries, green grapes and Chia bia seeds.
Poured in the Coconut milk and a shot of Aloe Vera Gel for extra health benefits :) and then blittz it all together!
I was delighted with the results ... it tasted healthy and it kept me full for ages .. great for breakfast or before and after workouts ... for anytime really :) Next time I will add Forever Lite Ultra protein powder ...as soon I get my new order from FLP :)

This is one I did today!

I just make up my own recipes and add the most important ingredient Aloe Vera Gel as the aloe will carry all the vitamins and minerals deeper into your cells for huge health benefits, full of vital antioxidants, so it is great for your body, skin and wonderful for antiageing ... so get smoothie making and add your Aloe Vera Gel.. Enjoy! :)