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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh, Hidden In The Layers Of an Onion!


The humble old onion ... I used to hate them growing up along with nearly every other vegetable ... well I am glad to tell you I have now grown up and I love onions! :)lol

Why is loving onions so important ?

Well, if you eat a raw or steamed onion, it will ensure that sufficent lactic acid bacteria are formed in your intestines giving you a healthy gut, which will help to improve your immune system and help prevent bloating, yay! ... a flatter tummy, so eat onions on a regular basis to help you feel better and improve your health ...

If you do not like onions then you can always drink Aloe Vera Gel, which wil give you the wonderful health benefits of a healthy gut amoung many other health benefits ...
Hey, better still, drink Aloe and eat Onions! :)
Good health to you.