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Friday, April 18, 2014

Build Trust In Networking ?

We believe in having a professional and courteous out look towards all we meet in Business and Networking online and offline and also, the importance of Building Business Relationships ...


Because this is where we have found the most Success.

Trust is One of the most Important factors in Networking.... because without Trust we have nothing.... would You agree?

So, instead of barging in with a sales pitch.... get to know other Members..they are real People just like you...We need to approach Networking online like we would offline...

So for example, offline we would not throw our Products in a persons face and say Buy this Now!!

Oh No!

We would get to know the Person first and find some common ground and build up Trust in one another other ... a business relationship that is build on mutual respect and trust.

Then eventually we can talk Business and You will more than likely make a sale from this Person and do Future Business with this Person as they like and trust You as their business contact and also by the way you do Business.... and likewise....

This method takes longer...but is more effective and You will make a Good Name for yourself...and wonderful Business contacts.
Most importantly You will Get Good Results.