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Monday, December 16, 2013

A Story of a Day in My Life ...

A story of a day in a life ....

Going to the gym is something like a walk in the rain ... to feel the drops of sweat falling of your brow like rain drops... to lift heavy weights and push them so hard on the Leg Press .... I am trying not to stay on a plateau where all feels comfortable and easy ...afraid to push myself incase I injure myself ...no more of that!

I am starting to gain muscles at last ...years of trying ... but now I know better .... balancing my weight training with my cardio training and good nutrition and plenty of water.

I feel so much better since I am wearing my Ionic Balance Band ... not only has it helped my tennis elbow go away for good ... thank goodness, I had it long enough. My Ionic Balance Band has also given me lots more energy ... I feel like my old self again ... I am also sleeping much better also.

I went to FitSteps tonight ...it's a great class, created from Strictly Come Dancing on t.v. .... the instructor is excellent at her job .. she is a great motivator and dancer herself and gets us all going ...looking forward to the next class! :)

I will be updating more reviews of classes I enjoy in later posts.

Over and out! :)