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Thursday, July 4, 2013

The ramblings of a Face Cream ...

Since I joined Pinterest I have really enjoyed learning how to make "home made stuff".
It is such a buzz to be able to make something that works and to also know what exactly is going into the product ... so much healthier.
This is my second attempt to making this face cream ... lol

So what did I do ...

Well I have been keeping all the peanut Butter jars, they are so handy for this very purpose, a good way to recycle don't ya think :)

This is my own take on the recipe ~

Ingredients :

Coconut Oil

almond Oil

Bees wax

Lavender and Tee Tree essential Oil

Olive Oil

Vitamin E

Boil water in a saucepan , place a bowl over the simmering water on the saucepan....just like melting chocolate :)

Put in a big cup of Coconut oil, pour in a quarter of the bottle of Almond Oil, one bar of Beeswax, pour a wee bit of Olive Oil, break open two capsules of Vitamin E and 30 drops of Lavender and Tee Tree essential Oil .... cover and let it all melt gently together ... smells beautiful.

When melted nicely together pour into your nice clean jars and let cool at room temperature ...
This cream has really helped my Son's eczema clear up without chemicals or steroids ... so I am going to continue to make it for that very reason ...

At the moment I am infusing Comfery Leaves in Olive Oil so hopefully in 4 to 6 weeks it will be nicely infused and I hope to make a lovely healing salve with that one ... so I will keep you updated on that one when it's done :)

Here is a picture of the Home Made Lavender and Tee Tree Face Cream before it set ~

Next time I will take more pics of the steps ... just to remind myself Lol :))

Oh by the way it's not just a Face Cream ... it is also a lovely body cream for after a shower or anytime :)

If you have any home made recipes you would like to share please do in the comment wall ... I would love to read them.
Have a lovely day ..:)

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