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Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Hairy Black Friday Sale! Really ?

I must say!

Have to share!

I have never shopped on amazon before!

I was so surprised at how lovely it is and how excited I was by seeing all the awesome products for sale online ... What made me click that link after all these years of seeing the word "Amazon" online?

Well, it all happened by a mistake I made by overly processing my hair from dark to the "new" grey colour ..then very light blonde, I couldn't get used to that,so... I went back dark again!... I had to do some colour corrections to get it back to dark, aaaah but I did it!
Oh! but I was left with very damaged brittle hair. I cried! my hair is breaking off! really, it was:(

If this has ever happened to you don't worry as I have found the most amazing product on Amazon called Olaplex ...it has really saved my hair, I am actually getting my curls back again and it feels much softer and shiny again, so there is always hope!
Click on Amazon and type Olaplex in the search bar to find it.

There is also an awesome Sale on Amazon at the mo ... check it out! you can find all sorts of products from smart phones, clothes and what ever product you want go HERE all at slash Sale prices! Go and see before it's over :)

Just sharing what I thought was and is soo amazing with you Guys!
So Happy!:)

Have a lovely evening! :)