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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Home Made Aloe Face and Body Balm

I just made face and body balm today using one of my favourite Forever Living Products ~ Aloe Vera Gel.

I found a lovely recipe on Pinterest but I used some different ingredients and made it my own :)

This is what I did ~

One large cup of Coconut Oil.

One large cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

One bar of Bees Wax.

A quarter cup of Almond Oil.

A wee dash of Castor Oil.

30 drops of Tee Tree essenial oil.

60 drops of Geranium essential oil.

30 drops of Lavender essential oil.

Melt all the ingredients in a bowl on a bamboree and when fully melted pour in a shot size glass of Aloe Vera Gel into it and mix well and then, when ready pour into a clean glass jar and let it cool before closing .... it normally last a month and then I make some more again ... I love it!

Aloe Vera Gel contains over 200 active components including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, polysaccharide, and fatty acids ... so good for your skin and for your over all health.

Oh, that is my lovely Aloe Vera plant above ... she has lots of babies and needs re-potting .. will be doing that soon... will show you new mama and babas in their own pots! :)

If you don't want to make your own Face and Body Balm ... you can order Pure Forever Living Face and Body Creams and Balms HERE

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