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Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Wee Clip of My Family Tree ~

I have a very interesting family tree ... my great Grandad is African American ...he met my great Granmother ( on my mothers side) in the north east of Scotland when he traveled to work there with a fun fair all the way from the U.S. ... they truly loved each other from the heart .... they ran away to Gretna Green to get married ... as you can imagine my great great Grans family did not want her to marry him as he was African -American ... but she followed her heart and married him anyway.

Just shows if you truly love someone you will be with that person against all odds ..no matter what. Life was not easy for them as they were the only mix raced married couple in the north east of Scotland at the time ... so there was alot of racism towards them both and also towards their children ....that was very hard for them but they kept going and stayed positive .....

I have a very famous cousin from my Great Grandfathers side ...his name is Walker Smith ... aka .... The Awesome famous boxer Sugar Ray Robinson! I found this much out from my family tree from relatives ...

World Champ ~ Sugar Ray Robinson ~

We are all human beings created by the one true God ....so there should be no hating because of the colour of ones skin or just because someone is different and so on .... more loving of neighbour we all need and to love ourselves ...so important ... we would all be so much happier then ...

Now on my Dad's side .... he is a west Clare man from Ireland ... his ancestors are from Spain ... from the time in 1588 when the Spanish Armada crashed on the west coast of Ireland due to violent storms .... we do not know the name of the Spanish sailor but my Dad was told by his family which was told down through the generations .....

Here is a picture of the Cliffs of Moher ... Just imagine the Spainish Armada being hurled in the giant waves in the storm .... ​

Routes of The spanish Armada along the coast of Ireland ~

My Dad went to school with no shoes in the 1940's .. he came from a family of 5 boys, he being one of them ...his own father died at the young age of 32 years of age from heart failure ... leaving my Granmother to raise her 5 boys on her own ... life was very tough, but my Dad grew up to be a very strong determined person ... he trained himself with his uncle John to be a carpenter and a Builder ... he has created many wonderful works of art with Wood and built so many beautiful buildings and houses through his working life.

Just to back track, when he was a teenager before he left Ireland to work in the U.K. ( where he met and married my Scottish mother), my Dad worked at the famous West Clare Railway in Moyasta Co. Clare √Čire .... it is still open today but just for visitors and tourists ...

Here is the Original West Clare Railway Train ... ~

We visited once and went for a lovely spin on the original West Clare Train and we had lovely tea and coffee on the coffee shop aboard another cute original Train stationed there ... visit sometime ..you will love it! ​

Coffee Shop West Clare Train ~ cute :)

That's it for now Guys ... will update soon again :)