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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Oh My Joint Pain Is Gone ~ My Story

This is something I feel you all need to know about ...as it has done wonders for my health and training.

A friend of mine has been promoting Ionic Balance on Facebook for years now and it is only now that I started to sit up and take notice .... I did my research on how the band works and what it could do for me .. I was so intrigued with what I read that I decided to try one out for myself, isn't that the only way one can really find out, is to try it for yourself and Voila! ..... the reviews on the Official Ionic Balance website were all 5 star too and all so positive ....

The proof in in the pudding .... this is my experience of my Ionic Balance Band ~

I've had Tennis elbow for the last year and it was getting better but it would keep lingering and got worse after training but since I got my Cerberus Band it has cleared it up completely ... I have been weight training and doing BodyPump which is all weights as well and aerobics and the band has cleared it up for me ... I am so happy!:) I never take it off, see ... I am busy since recommending Ionic Balance Bands and Products to all my friends and family ..not to sell but to help as Ionic Balance Bands really do work ....I can't help but rant and rave about them :)

I can't wait to try out Body Attack class in the U.L. Arena with my arm feeling new again! :)

As you can see from my experience I work out alot in the Gym most days and it has helped me more ways than one ...I also have way more energy and I'm sleeping like a baby ... :)
Here is a picture of my Cerberus Band but there are so many others to choose from on the site ~

What makes the Ionic Balance Bands so special ~ The Ionic Balance Band emits Negative Ions (anions), Far Infrared Rays and Alpha Waves. These properties are then absorbed by the wearer.

The Ionic Balance Band is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to improve:


Ionic Balance Bands are not JUST FOR GYM BUNNIES AND SPORTS People but for EVERYDAY LIFE :) ... ~

Our Users Report ~

Deeper sleep, Increased Energy, Improved Blood Circulation, Faster Recovery, Reduced Joint Pain and More ...

check Ionic Balance website for more info ...

If you would like to read more about how the band works and what it contains ~ go to the tabs on the main page and click on Technology for more info.

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Thanks for reading and have a nice day! :)