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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Active Benefits of Herbal Remedies

Herbs are very powerful amazing plants growing in our gardens and scattered in the wild....
Herbs are wonderful plants to look at ...they can compliment your garden in a wonderful way but they are also very good for your health and wellbeing...

Here are just a few examples how I have found how Herbs have helped me and my Family....and if You have any experiences to tell me about please leave a comment... I look forward to reading them! : )

Remedies for Scalds:

Olive Oil can bring immediate relief to a painful scald and will improve your chances of healing without scars...If you have any Lavender or peppermint oil to hand, add these into the Oilive Oil to help ease the stinging sensation around the wound.

Remedies for Nettle Stings:

Apply the juice from the stem of the nettles...

Dock leaves, which grow near by, can also be wrapped around the affected area to ease the pain : )

Remedies for Hangovers:

Across all Cultures eggs have been a big feature in hangover cures ...

Eggs do contain certain chemicals now known to neutralise the effects of alcohol, so it seems that the old eggnog remedy of fried eggs the morning after may work well after all!

For an upset stomach or nausea, try grating some fresh Ginger Root into a mug of boiling water and sipping it slowly...


a hot tea made form peppermint, sage, lemon balm or rosemary will quickly revive someone coming round after fainting. Cinnamon and honey disolved in boiling water is also good for this. Angelica was believed by ancient women to be the elixir of life and can be an excellent tonic....





Mix together 25g of ground almonds, a beaten egg, a handful of comfrey root and a tablespoon of honey.

Coat your Hands with the mixture, pull an old pair of leather or cotton gloves and wear over night.....Rince your hands in the morning and repeat this for a week.

Your hands will feel soft and supple.


Calendula is good for sensitive, dry , irrated, cracked and inflamed skin.

Calendula Oil, Cream, or Ointment is good to help skin conditions such as...Contact dermatits, Eczema, Rashes, Cradle cap, Coldsores, Razor Burn, Sunburn.

Can be used on Babies for minor skin irrations such nappy rash and grazes.

Good for cleaning cuts and wounds..

Can be used as a facial moisturiser or an aftershave balm.

I use it myself on my face and I find it very good! : )

Herbs ~ Natural Remedies ....Share Yours here